Industrial Grade Dust Processors G—800

Unlike any other dust collectors, the GYRO AIR® G-800 and G-1000 separate 99.7% of dust particles from the air by centrifugal force. Only 0.3% of the dust finally enters the HEPA Filters. This patented technology substantially reduces the clogging of dust particles in the filters while greatly increasing the efficiency of the dust collection. The GYRO AIR® technology coupled with its unique aerodynamic design, allows the G-800 and G-1000 to keep a high performance of dust collection consistently at 7 x 24 industrial operations without maintenance and deliver a super clean emission of 0.05 mg/m³

The GYRO AIR® Dust Processors have completely overturned the current perceptions of traditional dust collectors. With its unique industrial design, the GYRO AIR® has a high efficiency blower, an intelligent variable speed control and monitoring system, low noise level (61-72 dB(A)), minimal vibration, compact size and is easy to maintain.

Unique GYRO AIR® technology
Separates Up to 99.7% of Dust Particles from the Air Before Filtration

Wireless Synchro-control
Synchronize start/stop of source equipment

Less Clogging of Filter
The GYRO AIR® technology efficiently separates 99.7% of dust particles from the air before filtration, providing the benefit of a lower load on the filters resulting in a longer filter life.
Strong Suction Capacity
Max. Air Flow: 1300 CFM
Max. Static pressure: 21 inch water Max. Air Flow: 1600 CFM
Max. Static pressure: 25 inch water Strong Suction Capacity

Extremely Clean Emission
HEPA grade filter with an emission cleanliness level of 0.05 mg/m3

Intelligent Control
Real time monitoring for dust height in the bin, filter clogging and motor status. It also has intelligent automatic filter cleaning, intelligent wireless linkage to source machine, wireless remote control, and a timer for delayed automatic air cleaning.
Low Noise Level
Super quiet (61-72 dB(A))

CE Certified for Health, Safety and Environmental

Remarkable Designs and Low-cost Installation
The GYRO AIR® is equipped with heavy duty casters so it can be positioned near the dust source if duct work is not needed or wanted in your shop.
Unique Flow Cruise
Automatic adjustment for consistent air flow

Easy Maintenance
Tool-less detachable filters

Wireless Control

For convenience, the GYRO AIR ® is equipped with an easy to use wireless remote control to start or stop the unit within a work area of 20 meters. After an initial set-up, the wireless synchro-control, will automatically start and stop the GYRO AIR ® through WIFI with the equipment it’s hooked up to for dust collection.

Friendly Operation Experience

Multiple Application Scenarios

Recycle the leaking dust for saving material. Keep the table clean without hand cleaning. Keep the air quality of workshop in good level.