Wood Dust Processor G-700

· HEPA Filter · 15m Wireless Remote Control

Solve The Dust Problems

In past decades,woodworkers mostly used traditional dust collectors, such as bagcollectors, or cyclone collectors.However, all of these existing collectors have never really solved theproblems, instead, they created more issues:

· Very High Noise Levels (95-100 dB(A)) – constantly damages operators’ ears
· Difficult Maintenance – filters are easily clogged by dust and need be cleaned frequently · Bulky Structure – it occupies a very large space in a woodworking shop
· Large Power Consumption – normally requires 3 – 5 HP with expensive operating costs

Axial Centrifugation Technology (or called GYRO AIR®Technology)The GYRO AIR® Technology spins the flowing dust stream at high speeds (over 4000 rpm),which generates a significant centrifugal force on dust particles (over 100g) causing themto be pushed away from the air flow center and depositing them into dust tanks. 99.7% small dust particles are separated by strong centrifugal force and pushed into dust tank.
The GYRO AIR® Technology can successfully separate 99.7% of the dust particles from the air, which greatly increases the life of the filters.Due to the efficiency of the air separation technology and coupled with the uniquehorizontal structure, the operation noise is minimized to a pleasant level of 61 dB(A) and the power consumption is minimized to 1.5 kW.
The GYRO AIR® technology and its unique aerodynamic design allow the G-700 GRYO AIR® to run at an incredibly low noise level of 61 to 72 dB(A), depending on which speed you run the GYRO AIR® … yes, it is a variable-speed machine that allows you to adjust the airflow to suit your needs. The G-700 is powered and controlled by a SIEMENS industrial 2HP motor and SIEMENS V20 Variable Frequency Driver for 24/7 applications. In addition, the GYRO AIR® G-700 is equipped with a built-in Dust-Bin monitor and a Remote Control Key.

Standard Equipment


ElectricalImperialMetric Performance Imperial Metric
Power Requirement220 V, Single Phase, 60 Hz220 V,Single Phase,50 Hz Max. Air Flow 1110 CFM 1885 m³/h
Breaker Size20 A20 A Max.Static Pressure 18-1/2 inch water 4600 Pa
Inverter TypeSiemens V20Siemens V20 Max.Air Flow @4 inch hose 700 CFM 1190 m³/h
MotorImperialMetric Static Pressure @ 4 inch hose 5-5/8 inch water1400 Pa
TypeTEFC InductionTEFC Induction Impeller Size 12 in.300 mm
Power2 HP1.5 kW Main Inlet Size 6 in.150 mm
Rated Amps5.8 A5.8 A Adapter Inlet Size 4 in. x 2100 mm x 2
Speed2280-4275 rpm Variable2280-4275 rpm Variable Filter Emission Rating 0.05 mg/m³0.05 mg/m³
Product DimensionsImperialMetricFilter Surface Area75 SF7 m²
Overall Dimension56-1/4 x 23-1/2 x33-7/8 in.1430 x 579 x 858 mmNoise Rating @3m61-72 dB(A)61-72 dB(A)
Packing Size59 x 28-1/2 x42-1/4 in.1500 x 725 x 1072 mmMax.Dust Bin Capacity32 GAL120 L
Product WeightImperialMetricManual Filter CleaningYesYes
Net Weight445 lbs195 kgIntelligent Dust-Full Monitoring systemYesYes
Gross Weight510 lbs222 kgPressure GaugeYesYes

Application Scenarios

G-700 is used to collect the dust in the process of turning for keeping the good quality of air in the workshop.