A Revolutionary Solution for Dust Control

The GYRO AIR ® dust processing technology effectively separates the dust from the air flow before the filter making the GYRO AIR ® Dust Processor the most efficient dust collector on the market.

Wireless Control

Harvey has developed the wireless remote control system for the GYRO AIR® dust processors.
This function will allow the user to start and stop the machine with the remote control.
Adding a wireless remote control device to the original equipment and setting the corresponding inverter parameters will achieve this function.
The wireless remote control system includes the remote control and wireless receiver.

Flow Cruise

Intelligent speed control which maintains consistent air flow speed in the flow cruise mode.

Wireless Synchro-control

Wireless Synchro-control of Source Equipment gives high working efficiency.

Remarkable designs

Heavy duty casters are included in the design for easy positioning of the dust processor at the dust source eliminating the need for specially designed pipeline. Easy connections at the dust source provides ease of use and an appreciable amount of money saved due to eliminating the need for elaborate dust collection systems. 

Low energy consumption (32% less than other dust collectors) 

Reduces Filter Clogging

The GYRO AIR® technology efficiently separates 99.7% of the dust from the air flow BEFORE the filter, providing the benefit of a lower capacity load on the filter and a longer filter life of above 3000 hours.

Intelligent control

Real time monitoring of dust levels to eliminate filter clogging; wireless synchro-control-remote-start which allows ease of use; delayed dust cleaning to schedule dust cleaning during non-working hours.

Wide Range of Applications

The GYRO AIR ® is suitable for dry dust processing, and can be used in the fields of metal grinding, metal cutting, wood machining, plastic machining, graphite machining, stone cutting and surface polishing.

Note: The GYRO AIR ® is not designed to collect liquids, toxic gases, explosive materials, viscous substances or other potentially dangerous substances.